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Impacts and Benefits

The sole purpose, at the London School of Commerce (LSC) is to increase the employability of our students. Our mission is to equip students with the commercial knowledge required, the confidence, ability and poise not only to sustain themselves in full time employment, but to recognise themselves as serious contenders in the business sector.

By enrolling on the MBA course with LSC you will be in a position to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to real business related problems. Through our close partnership with the Cardiff Metropolitan University, you will be able to enhance and enrich your knowledge, skills and understanding of business management, whilst bestowing real commercial value to your employer.

Building a Career

This is not only an MBA, but one from a reputable British University which can enhance career prospects. Cardiff Metropolitan University is a respected educational establishment, highly rated by, among others, The Times Good University Guide.


MBAs provide a passport to promotion opportunities from junior to senior level management in multinational companies.

Employers' Preference

The current trend is for employers to recruit MBA postgraduates rather than undergraduates. Therefore, an MBA qualification will be a significant advantage on any CV.

Increased Earnings

Research provides evidence that employees with an MBA qualification command higher salaries. This is true of employees whether they work in Asia, the Middle East, or Asia. Your employer will recognise you as someone with the necessary skills, aptitude and in-depth knowledge of commercial operations. So, as well as raising your salary you are also widening the range of opportunities available to you.

Employers Recognition

Employers recognise the fact that an MBA is the advanced business degree of choice and provides the employee with the necessary skills and understanding of commercial operations to contribute to an internationally viable enterprise.

Critical Thinking

An MBA provides the essential tools for advanced critical thinking creating a platform for successful interaction with colleagues from different backgrounds and areas of experience. This improves an overall strategic, tactical and operational understanding of corporate structures.


MBAs provide the necessary transferable skills to cope with the management of change in a work environment. The MBA course specification includes an emphasis on the development of entrepreneurship, business ethics, innovation and leadership skills.

Mobility in the Global Job Market

Having an MBA qualification can ensure greater employee mobility and increase opportunities within the global job market.

Global Recognition

Through Cardiff Metropolitan University, our courses at LSC are fully accredited and recognised on a global scale. The programme is developed and designed to meet the needs of both academic knowledge and industry experience. The programme is ideal for busy working professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

International Profile

Not only are our courses recognised worldwide but LSC itself operates on a global scale, with Schools in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Serbia. We boast offices in many more countries all over the world and are intent in raising our profile worldwide.

Student Excellence

The MBA full time programme tends to attract more experienced students from both a commercial and/or corporate background. It is a unique programme that has been created for the most highly motivated and committed students looking to augment and enrich their career development.

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